Monday, July 11, 2016

Space Needle

Spent a beautiful Sunday in Seattle. The Sky City Restaurant sent us a complimentary entree for our anniversary, and Frances has been asking to go to the Space Needle, so we decided to ferry over and spend the day. We took the monorail to Seattle Center where they've built a new play area. What a great place that turned out to be!

Frances, the sure footed mountain goat, climbed all the way to the top on her own (a few times!). She's the little pink one climbing inside.
 This was the easier way up to the top!
 Sucking down some bloody mary's. 
 Lucas taking a picture.
View of downtown Seattle, oh, and my kids.
The professional picture
Dessert! The Orbital, which has been on the menu since the World's Fair in 1962.

Outside on the Observation Deck
 Finished up the afternoon at the fountain
Frances was a bit leary about going near the fountain, she eventually ran under the spray that came near her. Funny, because she normally has no fear.

It was a fun day at the Seattle Center. Lucas hunted for Pokemon and Frances got to see her skyscrapers. There's too much to do in just one afternoon in Downtown Seattle. Need to get back more often, now that the kids are older. Off to the next adventure!

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